Where the silver is flowing

Catch your silver dream!

    Measured in salmon per fishable kilometer of river, Beiarelva is Norway's best salmon river among the large rivers in the country. Since we introduced the new quota model, the spawning population of female salmon has increased by about 300%. Come to us and catch the dream fish of your life, joint the enthusiasm along the river and help us to keep focus on the salmon conservation!

    Large salmon has ended!

    The extraordinary large salmon-limit in the Beiar river has ended. Thank you to all the fishermen who have fished the river in this period, to everyone who has helped landing big salmon, and to the people who have respected our rules for this special fishery. From tomorrow on, we continue the normal limit.

    New host at the salmon office!

    The salmon hosts at the salmon office have done a fantastic job, and made a new gathering area in the valley. Now, they are going to study, and are passing the job on to an already proficient sports fisherman in the river, Robert Selfors. Today is his first day at the office, and we are looking forward to working with him!

    Fishing guides in Beiarelva!

    With a steady increase in interest for guides in the Beiar river, our board has decided we need to offer our fishermen quality guides. We have started to create a group of guides with experience that we can give permission to guide in the Beiar river.

    This is how we conserve our salmon

    An incredible turn around

    From being in really bad shape after a round of gyro, followed by overfishing, a lot of people were worried about our beautiful river and its future. Working with the local authorities, norwegian salmon management, the municipality and the locals showed results. A short while after, we were able to witness a crazy salmon population turnaround.

    From now on, we’re taking precautionary measures, restoring the salmon ladders and to make sure the now stable salmon population is able to move further upriver. The salmon and trout are doing fantastic, and our visitors will be able to witness that!