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New host at the salmon office!

The salmon hosts at the salmon office have done a fantastic job, and made a new gathering area in the valley. Now, they are going to study, and are passing the job on to an already proficient sports fisherman in the river, Robert Selfors. Today is his first day at the office, and we are looking forward to working with him!

The brothers that worked at the salmon office at Storjord, have done a remarkable job and set a completely new standard for the salmon office going forward! Therefore, it was important for us, the board, to know that the new salmon host has a lot of experience both fishing and guiding.

Andreas Strand 2500Robert Selfors, the new salmon host for Beiarelva SA

- I was actually supposed to be guiding in Iceland this summer, but due to COVID-19, and the lock-down, I had to cancel. It is very exciting to be taking over for Sigve and Anders. The brothers are getting a lot of praise from the Beiarelva SA board for the job they have done. This is what the experienced salmon fisherman and creator of the rod brand ArcticSilver had to say.

He elaborates, saying he has been an active fly fisherman for over 30 years, and that he has followed the Beiar river developments the last few years closely. - This is a great accomplishment for the locals, fishing enthusiasts, and the river’s partners. The Beiar river is the “life-vein” that runs through the river. There is a lot of potential in gathering the people for a common goal, he says.

Thankful for the opportunity
- As the founder of the fly fishing rod brand “ArcticSilver”, up until September last year, I’ve been a part of the fishing industry, and learned so much about the culture, development, production, sales and marketing. A huge thanks to Beiarelva SA giving me the chance to help fishermen visiting the salmon office for the next few weeks. I am looking forward to living in Beiarn for a while, and I hope to see a lot of enthusiastic faces, says the smiling fisherman from his new workplace!
Equipment, disinfection and a nice fishing-chat

We would like to remind you that we, the salmon office, offer rental fishing equipment, which is free for children under the age of 16. We also sell licenses for quite a few zones in the river, and we can also help disinfecting your equipment. If you go to another river, and return to Beiarn, we will disinfect free of charge. We also have a selection of equipment that we sell. 

Remember our photo competition, and that you can always swing by the salmon office for a nice chat, and get some tips for the photo competition and fishing in Beiarn.

Welcome to the salmon office, and tight lines!