Update on the sea trout project, breeding salmon, and the corona virus

The sea trout project group have finished the first session of the year. The breeding salmon fishing is over, and the corona guidelines have had a positive effect. The new salmon host is here and doing a great job already!

9083220329644869235One of the sea trout babies we caught was this little brute. There is no doubt, the sea trout are doing great in the side rivers of the Beiar river. Photo: Kjetil Flakke 

A fantastic, but different salmon season is almost at its end. During this hectic summer we've experienced a little bit of everything. There is no doubt that the corona virus has had the biggest impact on the fishermen, and the locals in and around the river. The extreme water levels in the early season also changed the fishery for us. Now the salmon season is almost over, but the most dedicated sea trout fishermen are still going at it! Here is a little update for you:

The sea trout project

A few days ago the sea trout group was out sampling several sea trout creeks in Beiarn. The group is led by Thomas Sørensen, who is the leader for the Fish treatment group in Beiarn game and fish. Beiarn game and fish has taken responsibility for keeping tabs on the sea trout creeks in co-operation with SNVF. 

Kjetil Flakke was also present, a group member in SNVF for the 2023 Sea trout project. The goal for this visit was to finish teaching the process of registering undocumented creeks into the national seatrout map. The goal is that the group should be able to register side creeks in the Beiar river and creeks in the fjord on their own.

Last year we registered creeks at Tverrvika, Arstad Dokmo, Moldjord, Soløy and Osbakk. This time Vold and Eiterjord was on the agenda. We found three creeks with a lot of potential, and two with a slight chance of sea trout spawning. The plan is to head back in the middle of September in new zones in search of more creeks. If you want to come with us, contact Thomas Sørensen.

 6376939351181713801Thomas Sørensen from Beiarn fish and game documenting one of the tiny trout from the surveys. Stein Ove Johannesen is following with a net and an electrical appliance to find the tiny trout in the hidden and overgrown creeks. Photo: Kjetil Flakke

Keeping up the success at the salmon office

We have recruited a new salmon host since our last update. Robert Selfors is doing fantastic, as predicted, and we are hearing from many of our visitors that he has been very helpful, and they have benefitted from his knowledge when it comes to equipment, techniques, and of course his local knowledge. He says he is meeting a bunch of happy people.

Salmon fishing ending

We have recieved some questions about the spawning salmon fishing, and if it will continue this year. The five year project was only ment to document spawning and growing conditions above our salmon ladders. This is now complete, and we documented that the ladders can be built and the salmon can and will continue spawning there. The decision to end this was made last fall, and was announced at one of the member meetings.

Successful corona efforts

We have had zero cases of the corona virus along the river, and no negative reports either! We would like to thank all of you who have respected our efforts that were made to address the pandemic. To our fishermen who had to skip this season - welcome back! The season is not over yet, and neither is the pandemic. We need to continue as we have the rest of this season.

Tight lines!