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Frequently asked questions

We've made a little overview of the most common questions we get. If you still dont find the answer you're looking for, dont be afraid to send us an email!

  • How does our limit of 200 salmon work?

    The limit must be applied for and approved by the authorities. This happens after our mid season evaluation every year, and is granted in the middle of July. 

    This year we were given an unusually high amount, and unusually large salmon. 200 salmon of any size and gender. The reason was a great last year, and a lot less fishermen in the river this year because of the corona virus.

    From July 14th 2020 fishermen can catch one large salmon per angler, but this is included in your 4 salmon limit. When the board ends the extra limit, we return to the normal limit. Fishermen are to report within 24 hours, like any other salmon or sea trout i the Beiar river.


    The seatrout fishing ends September 14th, at 23:59. Because of that, we give special permission to fish sea trout below the Storjord bridge (the Strand and Storjord zones), and down to the sea (Tvervik and Soløy zones). Salmon are to be put back.


    Norsk Villaksforvaltning (SNVF) is a foundation that is working for more wild salmon, sea trout and sea char. We’ve worked with them since 2015, and they have helped us a lot with our conservation work. Read more about them here.

  • What is the salmon office?

    The salmon office is located at Storjord, Beiarn Kro & hotell. They share offices with Beiarpuls. I is only up and running during salmon season, and open every day! For more info, and special opening hours, read more.

  • why do i have to disinfect my gear?

    There are several places in Beiarn that offer help disinfecting your equipment that you’re going to use in the river. It is important that everyone does this, as you could be banned from the river for not doing so. Read more about where to disinfect, prices and why we require it here.

  • why do i have to use a circle hook for worm fishing?

    Because the Beiar river has a catch limit that has a upper limit of 65cm on all fish, we have started to require circle hooks to be used for worm fishing. This is because worm fishing has a higher mortality rate than other forms of fishing, and we’re trying to lower the chances.

Anything else? Just ask!