Nes is a 4.7km long zone with plenty of good and renowned fishing spots. Our fishermen will find themselves among raw nature and great fishing conditions. A lot of Beiarn's local and recurring fishermen point their rod tips towards Nes when heading out. The zone is marked for your convenience, and offers fantastic sea trout and salmon fishing.

The river bed is very varied. Not only are there long stretches of sand and gravel, but you can also find huge boulders. Rapids and slow flowing water are common, among with some wild rapids if the water levels are high. Haugmosteinen is a view everyone should see!

  • Fishing licenses (23)

    One day license:

    350,- NOK

    Half day license:

    200,- NOK

    Recruitment license:

    Free for children under the age of 16 if accompanied by an adult.

    License sales:

    Arnulf Ness

  • Shelters (3)

    The zone has 3 shelters overlooking the river.

  • Parking (10)

    The zone has 10 parking lots along the zone.

  • Toilets (3)

    The shelters have a toilet outside.

  • Contact us

    Leader: Thomas Johansen

    Phone: +47 41446213