The zone starts at Einan, where the river runs slowly. When it reaches Einanhølo, the zone changes, and in Jarfall the river is all rapids with large boulders, before it calms down again when it reaches Skoodden. The river starts flowing fast again right before it reaches Osen. The last stretch from Skoodden to the Strand border, the river is wide and slow flowing.

The last stretch is a fly only zone. This zone is exclusive, and costs a lot more than the aforementioned zones. 

Einan and Skoodden have shelters, parking spots, benches and toilets placed all around.

  • fishing licenses (15)

    One day license:

    Until the end of June 400,- NOK

    The rest of the season 300,- NOK

    The fly zone 500,- NOK

    Half day license:

    200,- NOK

    Recruitment license:

    Free for children under the age of 16 if accompanied by by an adult

    License sales:


    Daniel Rasch Jacobsen

    Jan Helge Einan

  • Shelters (5)

    There are 5 shelters spread along the zone.

  • Parking (3)

    There are 3 parking lots in the zone

  • Toilets (3)

    There are 3 toilets along the zone

  • Contact us

    Leader: Thorgeir Os

    Phone: +47 41302063

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