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Transport to and from Beiarn

Beiarn is far from the big city, luckily, but to get to our valley or to return to the rest of the world, transport is a necessity. Most people rent a car in Bodø, take the bus or catch a ride with friends. To plan the trip easily, we’ve listed the most common and easiest methods of travel. Remember: if you travel using public transport, it’s better for the environment. The bus takes you directly from the airport to Storjord!

Buses from Bodø Airport to Beiarn

Outside of the summer months, bus is the only public transport that runs from Bodø to Beiarn. One bus runs once a day in either direction, from Moldjord, through Storjord, to Bodø Airport. If you have a little extra time on your hands, and you want a truly unforgettable experience, you can take the taxi boat to Bodø!

From the airport - Beiarn: Monday - Friday. 16.10 - 18.50

From the airport - Beiarn: Saturday. 14.10 - 16.50

From the airport - Beiarn: Sunday. 17.10 - 19.50

From Beiarn - Airport: Monday - Saturday. 07.55 - 10.25

From Beiarn - Airport: Sunday. 18.05 - 20.35

Download the timetable HERE for route 300, and at REIS NORDLAND you can look up travels in all of Nordland.

On the Ytre-Beiarn Velforening’s website you can find taxi-boat departure times, and see prices for trips outside of the normal departure times. For more information, call Trond Johansen at +47 480 89 555. All departures are from Tverrvik.

rental cars from bodø

Most fishermen who travel here by airplane, rent a car. There are many car rental places in Bodø. Most are located at the airport, but some are in Bodø city or right outside of it. You can also use to rent a car. has proven cheap if you’re looking for specialty cars. Here’s a list of the most known rental car places.